Birth of a sweet baby girl.

Hi everyone!  Hope your week has been good!

I had one of my VIP mummas go into labour finally…. 12 days after her due date.  She was planning a beautiful homebirth and had organised an independent midwife to assist her.  She did so well until things really started to not go down the best road.  With meconium evident in the waters a transfer to her local hospital was organised.  So disappointing for her but the health of her and her baby were clearly the priority.

After many more hours at the hospital it became evident that there was no progress and so ultimately the baby girl was born safely via a C section.

Although this was not at all the way my VIP mum had anticipated her birth story to be, the happiness and joy of holding her baby safe and sound was evident.

Spikey has been very busy this week with many exciting ventures in the pipeline for the next 12 months.  Can’t wait to share them with you soon.

Til next time

Jill xo



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